Veronica views wellness as a partnership, encouraging shared decision-making and providing coaching and support beyond what most practitioners offer. Veronica brings her keen insight and investigative skills into every interaction, allowing her clients to go further in their healing. She collaborates with clients in an in-depth exploration of the root causes of their complex health challenges so that they can reach their highest level of well being. In addition to supporting the resolution of health conditions on the physical plane, Veronica believes very strongly in addressing the social, emotional and psychological processes and traumas that contribute to physical ailments.

Veronica is a Functional Medicine Practitioner who received training and certification from the Institute for Functional Medicine. She earned a Master of Public Health in Nutrition at the Gillings School of Global Public Health at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Veronica is also a Licensed Dietitian/Nutritionist and a Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist. Veronica has more than ten years of experience working with clients in inpatient and outpatient medical settings, large businesses, and private practice. She is passionate about helping clients resolve their complex health conditions.


Total Functional Wellness

Functional medicine aims to uncover why the body is not functioning properly and to address underlying root causes. Mental and physical health conditions and symptoms often have complex causes and require a deep and comprehensive analysis. In this way, functional medicine helps fill in the gaps that may have been missing from your previous health assessments.

Total Functional Wellness is ideal for people with complex health conditions, auto-immune conditions and mystery symptoms.


In-Depth Bio-Pshycho-Social Intake
Lab Testing and Analysis
Nutrition Assessment
Customized Dietary Plan
Specialized Supplement & Herb Plan


$550 for 2-Hour Initial Visit & Analysis
$200 for 1-Hour Follow-Up with Lab Analysis
$125 for 1-Hour Follow-Up without Lab Analysis

About Lab Work
The prices above do not include lab testing. Each person has unique lab testing needs and we work with you to choose the best tests while considering your budget.
Treatment Duration

The length of treatment depends on the nature of each case, but many clients begin to see improvements within the first two months of starting their customized protocol.

Nutrition Assessment & Plan

Food affects nearly every aspect of your health, influencing how your body functions on a cellular and biochemical level. Veronica uses a systems-based approach to nutrition, providing an in-depth and customized analysis that takes into consideration your genetic make-up, health history, symptom patterns, lifestyle and emotional profile to support healing on a cellular level.

A Nutrition Assessment & Plan is designed to improve your overall wellness in a variety of ways: increasing your energy; improving your sleep; helping you overcome a plateau; optimizing your brain function; enhancing your digestive health; improving your immunity; and supporting your overall vitality.


Nutrition Assessment
Diet & Supplement Plan


$300 for 90-Minute Initial Visit & Analysis
$125 for 60-Minute Follow-Up Visit

Treatment Duration

Nutrition visits are designed to boost your health and establish healthy habits in a very short period of time. Clients can expect to feel empowered to maintain their progress after about 3 visits.


  • Digestive Complaints
  • Immune System Imbalances
  • Addiction
  • Nervous System Balancing
  • Autoimmunity
  • Toxin-Based Illness
  • Depression
  • Nutrient Deficiency
  • Anxiety
  • EDS/Hypermobility
  • Histamine Intolerance
  • Food Reactions

“I collaborate with you in an in-depth exploration of the root causes of your complex health challenges so that you can reach your highest level of well being. I look forward to hearing from you.”


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Veronica Verhoff, MPH, RDN, IFMCP

Co-Founder & Functional Medicine Practitioner